Male Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for men is now one of the most popular cosmetic treatments worldwide. The diode laser has fast become an effective and virtually painless method of hair removal for men.

So how does laser hair removal work?

  • The diode laser fires a focused beam of light that is directed at the pigment in your hair follicles (the root of hair growth). This destroys the follicle at the core, preventing the hair from growing back again.

Laser Hair Removal offers numerous advantages:

  • Male laser hair removal is essential for sport. A hair-free body  improves aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, optimises hygiene, aids the healing process, and improves the skin’s appearance as it avoids the harsh effects of razors or wax on the skin.
  • Many men suffer from excess body hair that can become annoying or even make them feel uncomfortable. Additionally, men are increasingly opting for aesthetic and beauty treatments.
  • Male body hair tends to be very coarse and can become tangled, causing ingrown hair. Diode laser hair removal is the best solution for coarse hair and ingrowing hair as we eliminate the hair follicle preventing hairs to grow back in areas treated.
  • Virtually painless hair removal. 
  • It is much more hygienic.

Chest laser hair removal for men has become a growing trend. Long are the days of the man showing off a hairy chest as the hairless option is considered much smoother and sexier.

The DIY options of shaving, tweezing or waxing your own chest hair can be painful, lead to an irritation of the skin and you run the risk of it growing back thicker each time.

Laser hair removal is now renowned for being the most effective and quickist method for chest hair removal. The treatment involves the laser targeting the hair follicles, laser is able to remove several hair follicles at once, unlike electrolysis or  tweezing whichs removes hairs one-by-one.

Simply make an appointment and our experienced staff will be able to assist you. You will be treated in the comfort of a modern, clean and professional award-winning clinic.

Back laser hair removal offers an affordable and effective way to remove unwanted hair from the back and shoulders permanently. There is no need to put up with the pain of back waxing any more. Our male laser hair removal treatment is guaranteed to give you definitive results from session one.

The most popular areas for hair removal for men are usually: back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, underarms and cheeks. In these areas, the density of body hair often feels more uncomfortable.

There are now many other popular areas requested which men were not previously concerned about. For example, legs, neck, arms, buttocks, hands, etc. Men are also increasingly opting for hair removal in intimate areas such as perianal, underarms, and pubic area, etc.

Men generally have more body hair than women, we use the latest technology by Lumenis Lightsheer Desire to ensure our clients see real results from session one. Our Diode laser hair removal system offers fast treatment times, it is safe on all skin types, and virtually pain free

The Lightsheer Desire system has two separate hair removal heads, the XC for smaller areas and the larger HS with vacuum-assisted technology to make treatments faster and practically pain-free, which means we are able to treat all body areas. Our equipment also has a cooling system to protect the skin and makes the laser hair removal for men much more comfortable.

At NuEra Aesthetics we want to encourage more men to get laser hair removal treatments, even if they do not want to get rid of their body hair completely as we are able to reduce hair density to meet every individual need.

We want to persuade even the shyest men among you to come along and have a patch test, we guarantee you will love the results!

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